Anonymous asked Volstrukt , 12/28/2017 ( 1 comment )

How does the weight of a steel framed tiny house compare with the weight of a wooden framed house?

Volstrukt replied:

Simply put, you can expect a weight savings of 40-60% depending opn the complexity of the framing. A single Volstrukt stud, when compared to a wooden stud, is about 40% lighter.

The greater weight savings comes from our ability to provide structural headers using a truss design rather than an extremely heavy glue-lam beam. In wooden construction it is necessary to install big heavy pieces of wood over large openings to support the weight of the structure above it.

In the case of Volstrukt framing, we are able to design trusses that act in the same way but with much less material. The majority of our header is empty space between the steel members. Get in touch via to learn more!