Anonymous asked Tiny House Crafters , 12/11/2017 ( 1 comment )

For a newly designed tiny home, where would you recommend storage for skis and mountain bikes?

This would be a second home so I'd like to store those items there and nit have to bring them to our main home every trip. 

Tiny House Crafters replied:

If you have the ability, storage for large hobby and outdoor items should be considered before the house is designed and built. Clever storage for oddly shaped items can be creatively designed in the floor, loft, or other custom cabinetry. If you are moving into your tiny house without specific ideas on where to store your gear, skis and bikes can be hung on the interior walls or in an exterior shed built over the tongue of the trailer. Our client in Maine hangs his bike inside his house over his front door and has even installed a kayak hanger on the outside of his house for his boat. Of course, the boat and the hangers get removed if he moves his house!

One of my favorite designs for ample storage features a split-level sleeping loft that has exterior and interior storage possibilities under the loft. Because a split-level loft gives you full headroom, the area under the loft is used for storage. The exterior portion of the storage area is the perfect place to store skis or snowboards and other gear that might make your house feel cluttered, messy, or dirty after a long day playing outside. It’s great for gardening and yard gear too! Check out the Nova model on our website to see how this works: