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What type of appliances and electronics would you recommend for a Tiny House?

Are there multiple-use furniture made for Tiny Houses?

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Chris Galusha
Chris Galusha  replied:
I recommend that appliances be sized for average usage. What I mean by this is if your do not normally use four burners at once for cooking then don't try and squeeze a full sized range into your tiny house. Most people usually use a single burner at a time and ocassionally two. I think more than two in use at any one time is a rarity for most people so I recommend a two burner cooktop at most or better a set of moveable induction hot plates. They cool off quickly and they can be stored out of the way when not in use.
Instead of an oven I recommend getting one of the larger toaster ovens or better yet a convection microwave oven. It can be more expensive than a cheap conventional oven, it takes up less space and can be stored when not in use.

On electronics consider installing a small HDMI projecter, pull down or fold down screen and a sound bar rather than installing a TV on the wall. You can then use that wall space for art, storage or something else.

Multiple-use furniture.

Most Furniture for tiny homes is custom built to fit the space and functions that it needs to accomplish. However, I recently bought some modular furniture that I am quite pleased with from HomeReserve.com It is modular so I was able to buid the sectional to fit my space, it comes ready to assemle (we built seven sections in about 3 hours), all the pieces come with a ten year warranty, and each piece has built in storage. If you want to change the fabric or add on at a later date everything is sold as individual pieces including the fabric coverings.

No matter what the category of item, space is at a premium in a tiny home, select the smallest and most energy efficient device for the task you are performing.

I hope this helps.

Chris Galusha