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What can I learn by going to a Tiny House Jamboree? Are they useful?

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Chris Galusha
Chris Galusha  replied:

I find that tiny house festivals are very useful, there is so much to learn at a tiny house festival and what you focus will be your choice.

I usually go to tiny house festivals to:

  • look for new ideas and to
  • talk to manufacturers about the new and existing products
  • tour the homes on display and look for innovative and creative ways to solve problems, for instance what new places or ways have people come up with for making storage available in tiny homes.
  • look for design and layout ideas. I examine the use of different types of finishes on the exterior and interior of homes. The construction of the different built in furniture pieces and the artistic expression of the designer and builders.

Being a builder and an advocate for making tiny homes a legal option in as many places as possible I also look for stuff that would violate local, county and state building codes. I then figure out how I would do it differently or if it is something that could be updated in the codes without compromising the safety of the homes occupants or their neighbors.

Finally, as a speakerand advocate I look at it as a chance to make new acquaintances and friends, talk about ideas and hatch plans to work on making tiny homes available to everyone as a housing option anywhere in the US.