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I am about to purchase a tiny house in the portland area and move it to Belfast Maine. But I just have been made aware of the registration / transport restrictions and Zoning restrictions. I have sent an email to Belfast Code Enforcement to ask for rules/regulations I don't want to buy it if I can't use it. This is a totally off grid house. Can you provide any guidance? Brian Roberts 617-592-4926

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Alan Plummer
Alan Plummer  replied:

Brian, Correct, the state will not issue a registration for a tiny house, or a trailer with  tiny house built on it. YOU CAN however, get a point to point permit to transport your tiny house one trip at a time. Also they are not issuing titles right now for Tiny Houses but it doesn't sound as if that is a problem for you right now. 

Bottom line, please check with the code official in the town you hope to live tiny in and get the specifics from him/her about what they are going to require IN WRITING.