Hi Chris! Thanks for being here. I hope you are well. My basic question is, if I register my tiny house as an RV, is it then destined always to be considered an RV? Officials in my municipality have told me that, without exception, an RV will not be considered a permanent home. Yet the THOW that I'm interested in is built for permanent living and can be taken off of wheels and installed on a permanent foundation. In every way (aside from the RV designation) it should meet the codes for my area. So, is there some way for me to register the home as an RV initially, simply for the purpose of paying taxes on it and having a title, and then to cancel that registration when I am ready to convert it to a permanent residence? (As long as it is considered an RV, my municipality is not going to approve a permanent residence permit.) Hope that made sense. Any input you have to offer is much appreciated!

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Chris Galusha
Chris Galusha  replied:

Since the tiny home is on a trailer then however you title and register the trailer without a home on it, or the trailer with a home on it, with the Department of Motor Vehicles is how it will be.
You might look at not registering it at all and just get a temporary move permit anytime you need to move it from one place to another. 
Unless it can qualify as a modular or mobile home in your state then it is unlikely that your municipality will ever qualify it as a permanent residence while on wheels. 

All of this is highly dependent on the laws, regulations and ordinances of your local city, county and state. 

Hopefully this is helpful.