Hello, my name is Shelly. I am interested in buying land to place a tiny house on. However, I don't know all the costs associated with that. Can you advise?

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Chris Galusha
Chris Galusha  replied:



There are many potential costs associated with purchasing land in addition to the cost of the land itself. 

If a realtor is involved there will be realtor commissions those can be fixed fees for small inexpensive parcels or percentages for more expensive plots of land. In my experience they have ranged between 3-6% and can often be negotiated. 

There will be document preparation fees for the deed or title to the land. 

There may be fees for title search or title insurance policy, this ensures that you are purchasing the land free of any liens. 

There may be back taxes and taxes for the current year. 

Theae are just fees to purchase the land. There may also be fees associated with your city, county or state  

After purchase you will need to make the land is suitable for use so do your research in providing electricity, water and sewer to your land. 

Happy hunting!

Chris Galusha

Texas EcoBuilders.