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Chris, I am developing a 160 lot tiny home community in the Fort Worth area. I have most of the entitlement issues resolved. What I am concerned about is pushback from the community (lawsuits etc.); do you have any input regarding mitigating these issues going forward? Thanks for your time!

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Chris Galusha
Chris Galusha  replied:


You might consider hosting some meetups in the area to introduce your community and what the plans for it are. This will give you an opportunity to answer questions, address concerns and meet some of the locals. You might consider personally inviting some of the community leaders in the area so that they can hear first hand the benefits that you expect your community to bring to the local area. I hope this helps and I wish you well in your endeavors.


Chris Galusha

Mike Sullivan
Mike Sullivan  replied:

Thanks Chris!

is there any favorable statistical data/research that you are aware of that I can use?