Will Johnston

Executive Director

MicroLife Institute - Formerly Tiny House Atlanta

Passionate about life, love and downsizing and the benefits it provides to our community and society.

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Will Johnston, Founder and Executive Director of The MicroLife Institute formerly known as Tiny House Atlanta.  He is an energetic force for the micro housing movement. Will has helped bring awareness and advocacy to the Tiny House Movement to Atlanta and the South. Originally a Marketing Guru, Johnston found a new life by upheaving his old one. 3 years ago he quit his job sold most of his possessions and traveled to New Zealand. There, he discovered a new way to live in a minimalist and experiential fashion. Returning to Atlanta he picked up on the Tiny House Movement and has not looked back. Johnston is growing the advocacy and education about the tiny house movement and what it could do for the south and Atlanta. He grew his monthly Meetup group to 2000 people in 3 years and holds monthly educational and advocacy meetings. Johnston has presented to SCAD Atlanta, GSU, HOA’s and other community groups on the premise of what the Tiny House Movement could mean for the area and why it appeals to so many people.

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