Sam Underwood

Lynsi's Personal Handyman (also co-owner of Small Dwelling Company)

Small Dwelling Company

If you are looking for someone to give you some helpful advise on anything having to do with building your home please give me a call!!

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I love construction. Its on the list of things I love right after faith, family,friends,dogs and then its construction. Purdy much in that order. I've grown up in it. Most the people in my life have been painter, plumbers, framers, electricians, roofers, concrete workers. There is no special school to learn what they do. I've been blessed to follow them, work with them, and learn from them over the years. Ive been a residential home builder, remodeler, a construction supervisor and spent 10 years as a project manager in commercial construction. Today I am a "small dwelling builder" and to be honest it has been amazing and the most prideful job I've ever had. Lynsi and I built our first tiny house in our driveway and we had a hand in every single aspect of it. With our hands we built an entire house. It WAS AWESOME. It was the truest form of being a "home builder". Since then we have built a couple more and we have been apart of those just as much.

So what would you call me about?
Anything that has to do with tiny house construction! 
Building cabinets, Finishing interiors, Sewer, Lights,  Types of siding, Installing siding, Installing a window, Flashing, Roofing, Drip cap, Flooring, Insulation, Framing, hurricane ties, Rafter ties, Stud ties!, Best way to attach to a trailer, Anything!!!! 

What I wont be able to answer... (Bascially anything that can shock you or blow you up.)
Anything electrical...
I cant answer wiring questions or breaker questions, or amp this or watt that questions or anything that a licensed electrician would need to be hired to do. We do 95 percent of the work in house ourselves down to the butcherblock countertops out of trees we milled. We age leather for cabinet pulls and build all of our own cabinetry. We shiplap and install our own siding. We paint. We finish. We frame. We flash. We install. But we hire a licensed electrician to do all the electrical work in our homes and highly suggest that you also.
Anything Gas related...
 We use gas stoves and on demand gas water heaters in our homes but we hire a Licensed plumber for this. We dont play with gas and I suggest leaving this to the professionals.
The first 6 minutes dont cost you.
The first six minutes are free but you got to give me a minute or two for introductions. We gotta know each others name! We both took time out of our day to talk so lets say hello and shake hands first. Look at it as the cost of not having to deal with a robot.

Im the easiest person to talk to. I dont like big words.Our company motto is "Keep Life Simple" and I try to live that in all parts of life including construction. I'm not going to try and sell you on a certain product or the latest construction trend. I'm going to help you to the best of my ability based on years of field experience and learning from some of the hardest working people I've had the pleasure to be around.

Check back later for some content here. Thank you!