Timber Trails

North Chesterfield, VA 23235

We seek two things for tiny houses: Legitimization - Built by prescriptive code, and Legalization - Allowed via zoning ordinances We recognize the shifting needs and interests Whether built on wheels or upon conventional foundations, we embrace the use of tiny houses as: Mobile recreational cabins and living quarters Temporary use guest houses and vacation cottages Primary residences on private property and pocket neighborhoods The Tiny House Movement continues to gain momentum, and we are working with myriad individuals and organizations to aid in education about simple living in small spaces. We invite you join us as we work with great folks at all levels of interest, including backyard builders, grass-roots tiny house start-ups, local special interest groups, intentional communities and eco-villages, as well as municipal and state governments, national industry associations, and international organizations of dedicated public service administrators.


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Co-Founder/President, Timber Trails LLC, DBA: GoTiny!

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