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I am a licensed architect in multiple states. I have spent my career working on a wide variety of commercial and residential projects.

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Aimee has worked on a broad spectrum of projects with a variety of clients and their unique needs in her 13-year career. Projects have ranged from construction costs of $50,000 to $22,000,000, and with all of them, regardless of size, she takes a hands-on approach to project management and completes all phases of the project from programming through construction. With her extensive experience in leading complicated, multi-purpose projects within constricted existing facilities and sites, she is used to and excels at challenging projects. In addition to challenges, Aimee seeks out inspiration in every day and every project.

Philosophically, Aimee believes that a successful project is achieved by open communication with the client and design team. Listening is critical for assessing the needs of a project and communicating both problems and solutions. She finds that nothing is more satisfying than a beautiful and functional building and a happy client at the end of a project.



A3G Architects
September 2009 - present

Adjunct Professor

Park University
January 2011 - present

9/12/2017 11:02:22 AM,
Aimee Gray, NCARB replied:

There are several factors.  Is it on a trailer or a slab?  What dimensions?  If it is on a slab, is it in an area where a permit is reqiured?  What state is the project to be located in? We start around $3000 for a from scratch design.  We have a few designs that you can start from and modify for a lower rate.  If you have an idea of the size you are looking for we can give you an idea of the fee.