We're glad to have you visit the Tiny House Expert Community Online and Buyers Guide (ECO) which is a community driven by ATHA and its members. We expect the ECO will support our multifacted mission:  

1) to gather and provide information regarding the building of and dwelling in tiny houses
2) to promote a healthy social and political environment conducive to tiny house building and dwelling
3) to educate members regarding tiny house quality and safety, and
4) to network and cooperate with related government agencies, educational institutions, development organizations, and private industry to address these stated purposes.

As the tiny house movement continues to grow and gain momentum, access to quality information and expertise will become increasingly important to prospective home owners, builders, suppliers, to entities making decisons on zoning reguluations, and to others with an interest in tiny homes. We invite you to interact with the experts, with companies in the Buyers Guide, and in the community forums to help advance this important movement.


The American Tiny House Association (ATHA)